The UpLinkd Group develops great software products that make people's lives easier by leveraging advanced AI technologies.

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UpLinkd Group AI software is designed to be versatile and scalable making it suitable for a variety of applications and industries. By utilizing these advanced technologies we create innovative solutions that continue to revolutionize the way we live and work.



Captns is a GPT prompt engineering toolkit designed to easily extract the best results from your AI daily usage.


Prod Scripts

Harnessing the power of AI this tool streamlines the sales process with production-ready sales scripts.



Que is an AI task manager / assistant. It helps to daily plan, organize, manage & prioritize.

By leveraging available software integrations, companies can harness the power of artificial intelligence to rapidly drive growth and innovation.

UpLinkd Group AI software smoothly integrates with various dashboards and apps, allowing users to monitor and analyze their AI-driven insights conveniently. Some key features of these integrations include:

  • Easy-to-use interfaces: The AI software provides user-friendly dashboards that give a clear, visual representation of the data, making it easy to interpret and understand the insights generated by the AI models.
  • Compatibility (Via Woven): UpLinkd Group AI software supports seamless integration via our 'Woven' connectors and apps ensuring that users can efficiently access and manage their data from a single, centralized location
  • Updates & Alerts: By integrating AI software with dashboards and apps, users receive real-time data and insights. They can also be alerted of any changes or improvements in their AI models' performance via 'Trumput' Broadcast services .

UpLinkd AI software is designed to simplify and streamline AI implementation, providing a comprehensive set of tools and platforms that cater to diverse needs across industries. We deliver a complete and efficient AI solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of AI in their operations.

“Here To Stay! The artificial intelligence (AI) software market is experiencing significant growth, with Gartner forecasting a 20+% increase in revenue from 2021, expected to reach well over $60 billion”
– CEO, UpLinkd Group

Here at UpLinkd we have focused on investing in and developing Meta creators believing in the potential of Metanet to reshape various industries.

Recent rapid growth of AI software and the move towards Web3 / Metaverse technologies have seen accelerated positions to capitalize on these shifts.

It is an exciting era of technology are we are looking forward to the advancements this technology will be able to bring to future generations.