The UpLinkd Group brings together everything required to build technology projects, launch web & digital campaigns, data analysis, dashboards and apps for global business.

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The UpLinkd Group brings together a fully integrated suite of products -- this powers projects, reporting, systems and campaigns for companies, retailers, subscription-based businesses, software platforms, and digital marketplaces.


Block Drop

A platform for both immense data analysis and immutable data storage & management.



UpLinkd system for data analytics & visualization - we use it for everything from report to trading.



UpLinkd system that provides a platform for data access integration & management.



UpLinkd alert management and monitoring systems that connect link & layer LINKD systems.

UpLinkd Group's data applications are designed to provide companies with the tools required to make informed decisions.

Our toolkits and reporting provides for functional data analysis business decinion makers the ability to shape and organize important system functions.

Our deployment engineers align with key business stakeholders to define key mapping points to engineer key data flows allowing for simple, straightforward and automated process mechanisms designed to deliver true business deliverable mediums leaders expect.

As an example - Understanding your company value projections are a major key to improved growth and UpLinkd Group's forecasting tools provide companies with the insights required to analyse and adapt at a moments notice.

“Embedding our real-time operations, inbound and events data allowed us the ability to project, plan and scale like never before.”
– CEO, FCA Australia

UpLinkd Group's data applications provide businesses with the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

Having access to a fully integrated suite of products allows companies the flexibility to build and scale projects, digital campaigns, analyse new datasets, create reporting dashboards, and output apps essential for global business leaders to plan and forecast.

The UpLinkd Group is the ideal partner for all companies from SMB through to Large Enterprise. We are confident in helping our clients scale and win globally and we look forward to working with you.